Education Problem Today



Yesterday, Karafuru San attended “Training for Trainer” for Profession and Leadership Orientation of School of Informatics and Electrical Engineering in Bandung Institute of Technology (TFT PLO STEI in BIT). The topic was about Education (especially in Indonesia).

School (in Indonesia means : sekolah), a big part of education, actually came from the word Sikhole (Old Greek), which is mean Free time. It’s really different now, when most of the people who attend school spend almost their whole life to go to school. Hm… Ironic…

in Indonesia, the same thing happens. Human are not learn in order to learn what they wanna learn, but learn what the system push them to learn. In another words, there must be problems.

Well… Karafuru San just wanna give the problem list and the simple solution ala Karafuru San here… ^_^

  • Distribution

Not all the people in Indonesia can learn what they wanna learn. For instance, Teacher is hard to find in region such as Papua Island.

Karafuru San’s Solution : The nation should give more incentive to someone who has willingness to teach in certain regions

  • Infrastructure

Just another problem. There were many cases when students died on their rebuilding school.

Karafuru San’s Solution : The Nation should give more attention so that the distribution of infrastructure can be held well.

  • Curriculum or methods

Hm… Curriculum of Indonesian Education is still follow curriculum in some big countries. It is REALLY NOT SUITABLE. Why? Cause in 5 years, the government always change the system (effect by government’s changing).

Karafuru San’s Solution : Though every 5 years the change of Indonesian Government happens, why don’t keep the education system?

Actually, the problems happen because of ourselves. So…