OST Detective Conan Complete (Update)


Karafuru San remember bout something while studying right now for the test tomorrow. Yeah, (again) it’s about Detective Conan. One of the OST of Detective Conan hasn’t been completed yet. That’s the 29th Ending Song by U-Ka Saegusa in DB, which is “Yukidoke no ano kawa no nagare no you ni” (Like the Flow of That River of Melting Snow) as the title.

So, for you, Detective Conan fans, please welcome link download for the song: HERE. (mediafire — thank you for THE KON)

If wanna see OST Detective Conan Complete on Karafuru World, click HERE.

Sangkyuuuuu.. ~\^_^/~

I want this Detective Conan Plush Doll


Thanks to Antrisha (I call him A Ica, since he’s my older cousin) for showing me Detective Conan figures, from keychain, wallet, to a doll. Finally I could see them from websites.

They’re so cool, but I’d like to have Detective Conan Plush Doll  much! Why? It looks adorable! Its 12 inches and 200 grams makes me force to hug it!!! I can buy it only for $16.33!!


Well, I’ve never bought something from websites. If I buy it, then this is my first time. How do you suggest? Should I buy it?

source: GODOON

Aoyama Gosho masih Hidup…


Penggemar Detective Conan? Kalo iya, bersyukurlah, sebab pencipta karakter Shinichi Kudo dan kawan-kawan itu masih hidup dan selamat dari gempa yang melanda Jepang 11 Maret 2011 lalu.

Aoyama malah sempet berkelakar dalam twitternya kira-kira sepekan setelah gempa. Katanya: “It shook pretty badly at my studio, but no problem! I managed to get my manuscript done on time*. (lol) P.S. The new character’s name is Sera! He’ll be a pretty important character, so be sure to look out for him ♪” atau dalam bahasa Indonesia: “Studio (gambar, -red)-nya parah banget. Tapi ga masalah! Saya masih bisa menyelesaikan manuskrip (Conan, -red) tepat waktu*. (lol) P.S Karakter baru (di Conan, -red) namanya Sera! Dia akan menjadi karakter yang sangat penting, jadi pastikan terus memperhatikannya♪”

*) Pada saat gempa terjadi, Aoyama lagi ngeberesin Detective Conan episode 610-an..

So, jangan khawatir.. Abaikan web-web yang bilang kalo Aoyama sudah tiada.. Buktikan kalo karya-karya-nya akan terus muncul dan sampe di tangan kita.

Sebagai bonus, Karafuru San udah ngupload link download untuk OST Movie 14: Overdrive (Garnet Crow). Monggo di-donlot di sini: [DOWNLOAD].

Kalo pengen donlot OST Lengkapnya, monggo klik di sini: [LINK DOWNLOAD OST DETECTIVE CONAN COMPLETE]


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What Can We Get From Conan? (1)


Assalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb.

Hi, Conan Maniacs!

This is the first ‘posting’ I’ve posted about Detective Conan (a.k.a. Shinichi Kudou) since I made this blog. I’ll share my Conan collections one by one (start from this one) with a little boon on it.

1. It will be a great experience, enjoyment, or excitement to do anything (though it’s something we don’t like) with our beloved friends…

Conan & Friends with Music

2. Makin’ friends is one of the things that U have to do on your whole life…

Conan with Two Mix3. There are kinds of competitions (rivalry) outside there… We must do our best everyday (make us remember that we’re a winner when we were born, beat 200 billions our rival)!


(to be continued… Insya Allah)

Wassalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb.

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