Contemplation About Love (Part 1)


I wanna open this contemplation by a simple words…

Where can we let go our heart?
If it’s not for the feeling

the one that much like a wind,
make us comfort
feel the tenderness..

the one that can also be a storm
destroy anything
in front of it…

Where can we let go our heart?
If it’s not for…

(to be continued….)

Mi Angel De Amor


I just found another great song…

Mi Angel De Amor

Ha nacido un Sol apartir de hoy
que ilumina mi Alma

Eres tu mi tierno Amor
que abre la esperanza en mi
siento en tu fragilidad mi Amor
algo que no se entender

¿Cómo enseñarte Yo?
a cuidar tu Corazón
a buscar lo que es mejor,
mi Amor…
Mi Angel de Amor

which means (probably)…

My Lovely Angel

The sun rises to come today

to light up my soul

You’re my tender love

You’re the one who open my hope

Feel Your attendance, My Love

is the thing understandable

Entrap me

As a guardian of Your heart

searching all the best things,

My Love..

My Lovely Angel..

It’s an awesome lyric, isn’t it?

If you wanna hear the song, DOWNLOAD it here.

Another Story of Mom…



This post tells us about another story of Mom…

A few days ago, Karafuru San got this from a friend,

For add, It’s Naadhira Ali who read this verse…

My Mom Is Amazing

She wakes up early in the morning with a smile
And she holds my head up high
Don’t you ever let anybody put you down
Cos you are my little angelThen she makes something warm for me to drink
Cos it’s cold out there, she thinks
Then she walks me to school, Yes I aint no fool
I just think my Mom is amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

After School, she’s waiting by the gate
I’m so happy that I just can’t wait
To get home to tell her how my day went
And eat the yummy food, only my Mom makes

Then I wind her up cos I don’t wanna bath
And we run around the house with a laugh
No matter what I say, she gets her way
I think my Mom is amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

In the evening, she tucks me into bed
And I wrap my arms around her head
Then she tells me a tale of a girl far away
Who one day became a princess

I‘m so happy, I don’t want her to leave
So she lies in bed with me
As I close my eyes, how lucky am I
To have a Mom that’s so amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

Then I wake up in the morning, she’s not there
And I realize she never was
And I’m still here in this lonely orphanage
With so many just like me

And as my dreams begin to fade
I try hard to look forward to my day
But there’s a pain in my heart that’s a craving
How I wish I had a Mom that’s amazing
Would be amazing

Well… If you, Karafuru Friends, still have parents (especially Mom), why you delay your “I love you” or “Thanks God you’re still here” or “Thank you for your love” or even say nothing?

There’s Meaning…

We’re not bird, life for flying with its wings and then die?
We’re not goat, life for “baa” with its voice and then die?
We’re not fish, life for breathing with its gill and then die?
We’re not cheetah, life for running with its feet and then die?
Then why…
We’re human, life for our sins and then die?

Sangatsu Kokonoka



Maret telah tiba… Bulan yang nggak bisa dilukiskan dengan kata-kata… Hanya barisan larik ini yang bisa menuliskannya…

In the middle of this drifting season
I suddenly feel the length of the days
In the midst of these quickly-passing days
You and I dream away

With my feelings on the March wind
The cherry blossom buds continue on into spring

The overflowing drops of light
One by one warm the morning
Beside you, I’m a little embarrassed
After a huge yawn

I’m standing at the door to a new world
What I’ve realized is that I’m not alone

If I close my eyes
You’re behind my eyelids
How strong has that made me?
I hope I’m the same for you

The dusty whirlwind
Tangled up the laundry, but
The white moon in the morning sky
Was so beautiful, I couldn’t look away

There are things that don’t go the way I planned
But if I look up to the sky, even they seem small

The blue sky is cold and clear
The fluffy clouds float by quietly
If I can share with you the joy
Of waiting for the flowers to bloom, I’ll be happy

From now on, I want you to be quietly smiling beside me

If I close my eyes
You’re behind my eyelids
How strong has that made me?
I hope I’m the same for you

Text aslinya…

Nagareru kisetsu no mannaka de
Futo hi no nagasa wo kanjimasu
Sewashiku sugiru hibi no naka ni
Watashi to anata de yume wo egaku
Sangatsu no kaze ni omoi wo nosete
Sakura no tsubomi wa haru e to tsuzukimasu
Afuredasu hikari no tsubu ga
Sukoshi zutsu asa wo atatamemasu
Ookina akubi wo shita ato ni
Sukoshi tereteru anata no yoko de
Arata na sekai no iriguchi ni tachi
Kizuita koto wa hitori ja naitte koto
Hitomi wo tojireba anata ga
Mabuta no ura ni iru koto de
Dore hodo tsuyoku nareta deshou
Anata ni totte watashi mo sou de aritai
Sunabokori hakobu tsumujikaze
Sentakumono ni karamarimasu ga
Hirumae no sora no shiroi tsuki wa
Nandaka kirei de mitoremashita
Umaku wa ikanu koto mo aru keredo
Ten wo aogeba sore sae chiisakute
Aoi sora wa rin to sunde
Hitsujigumo wa shizuka ni yureru
Hanasaku wo matsu yorokobi wo
Wakachiaeru no de areba sore wa shiawase
Kono saki mo tonari de sotto hohoende

(larik lagu dari Remioromen, OST 1 Litre of Tears)

Just A Dreamy World

Unbelievable… The picture that Karafuru San have (A Dreamy World) has became a part of the title of a poem… But it’s too painful… Makes me wanna cry now (when I put the words, one by one)…

This is it…

Just A Dreamy World

The sun is almost down…

But the pain inside my chest

couldn’t bring me back into my dream…

I saw a world

with green grass and colorful flowers

with high tech, as they all are the owner

With smile on their face and peace on their mind

no even just one case, can make them blind

I saw a world

When people grab each other’s hand

When no one else but friends

When give each other ‘Hi!’

With no words: “Lie”

The hummingbirds can fly free

The ostriches can run free

With no one stop them

With no one…

I saw a world

But now I lost it…

The sun is almost down…

I really want to sleep again,

to continue my dream…

Though it’s just a dreamy world…

I don’t care,

no matter if a handgun is pointing at me now,

no matter if nobody cares about me now,

I just want to close my eyes…

to see my dreamy world…

But I can’t!!!

It’s too painful!


Help me to close my eyes…

I just want to close my eyes…

I just want to see my dreamy world…

(NB: Karafuru San just got this poem by email from Nazzar’s Friend! Nazzar, who is a little boy, wrote this poem yesterday. But he was just… Damn Israel!!!

I’ll miss U, Nazzar…. Hope Allah give U a beautiful world there… Better than the world that U dream before…

Innalillah wa inna ilaihi raaji’un…)

A Dreamy World