Link Background Music (BGM) Running Man Cast / Character


Hi, Karafuru friend! Do you watch Korean Variety Show “Running Man”? Yeah, one of the best variety show MC-ed by Yoo Jae Suk..

It’s so refreshing after I watch it!!  Right now, it is still 65th episode.

So, while waiting for the next episode, I give you the download link for the BGM for each character!!

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Yoo Jae Suk

BGM 1: Pink Panther Theme (OST Pink Panther)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; mp3skull; beemp3; MediafireYoutube (Pink Panther Opening Video)

BGM 2: Step By Step (by New Kids on the Block) ~~ Yoo Hyuk Dance’s Theme

DOWNLOAD: 4shared; Mediafire; beemp3; mp3skullYoutube (audio only)

BGM 3: Extreme Ways (by Moby) ~~ Yooruce Willis’s Theme

DOWNLOAD: mp3skullbeemp3Youtube (audio only)

BGM 4: James Bond Movie Theme~~ Yoomes Bond’s Theme

DOWNLOAD: mp3skullYoutube (audio only)

  • Running Man ID: Yoo Jae Suk / Yooruce Willis / Grasshopper / National MC / Yoo Hyuk
  • Hangul:  유재석
  • Profession: MC, Comedian
  • Birthdate: August 14th, 1972
  • Height: 178cm


Kim Jong Kook

BGM 1: What We Need Is A Hero (OST Beowulf)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; mp3skull; beemp3Youtube (Audio Only) 

BGM 2: This Is Sparta! (From Movie: 300)

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire (“This Is Sparta” with Outro); mp3skull (remix version); Mediafire (“This Is Sparta” Original); Mediafire (“Sparta”)

  • Running Man ID: SpartaKook / Kookie
  • Hangul: 김종국
  • Profession: Singer
  • Birthdate: April 25th, 1977
  • Height: 187cm


Song Ji Hyo

BGM 1: Tears (by So Chan Whee) ~~ Ji Hyo’s choice to sing

DOWNLOAD: EsnipsYoutube (music video)

BGM 2: Hot Issue (by 4 minute) ~~Ji Hyo’s Fav Song

DOWNLOAD: MediafireYoutube (audio only)

BGM 3: Cheesy/Ticklish/Ganjireobgeh/간지럽게 (by Sweet Sorrow) ~~ Ji Hyo’s Love Song

DOWNLOAD: MediafireYoutube (live performance)

BGM 4: Angry Birds (from Angry Birds Soundtrack) ~~ Ji Hyo’s Theme Song

DOWNLOAD: mp3skullYoutube (audio version)

  • Running Man ID: Mong Ji Hyo (Blank Ji Hyo) / Song Ji Yok
  • Hangul: 송지효
  • Profession: Actress, Model
  • Birthdate: August 15th, 1981
  • Height: 168cm


Ji Suk Jin

BGM 1: The House You Live In (by JYP)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; MediafireYoutube (Live Performance)

BGM 2: I Swear (by All 4 One)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafireYoutube (Live Performance)

BGM3: Angel (Romeo and Juliet OST by Gavin Friday) ~~ Suk Jin’s Theme When Meet Girls

DOWNLOAD: MP3Raid; Youtube (Music Video)

  • Running Man ID: Big Nose Hyung
  • Hangul: 지숙진
  • Profession: MC, Comedian
  • Birthdate: May 10th, 1968
  • Height: 181cm


Lee Gwang Soo

BGM 1: Saint Agnes and the Burning Train (by Sting)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Mediafire (Short version), Youtube (Guitar video)

BGM 2: No Matter How I Think About It (by Sweet Sorrow) ~~Gwangsoo’s Love BGM

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire; Youtube (audio only)

  • Running Man ID: Gwangvatar
  • Hangul: 이광수
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: July 14th, 1987
  • Height: 190cm


Ha Dong Hoon / Haha

BGM 1: Perfect Love (by Lutricia McNeal)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Mediafire (short version); Youtube (audio only)

BGM 2: Pororo (Korean Cartoon)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafire (Short version), Youtube (Pororo Opening video)

BGM3: Rosa (by Haha)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Mediafire (Live Performance); Youtube (Music Video)

  • Running Man ID: Haroro / Haha / Harad Pitt
  • Hangul: 하동훈 / 하하
  • Profession: Entertainer, Comedian, Singer
  • Birthdate: August 20th, 1979
  • Height: 169cm


Kang Hee-gun / Kang Gary

BGM 1: LeeSsang Blues (by LeeSsang)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Mediafire; Youtube (Music Video)

BGM 2: Woman Who Can Not Break up, Man Who Can Not Leave (by LeeSsang)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafireYoutube (Music Video)

BGM 3: Our Meeting (Uri Jigeum Manna) (우리 지금 만나) (by LeeSsang)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafireYoutube (Music Video)

BGM 4: You’re The Answer to A Guy Like Me  (by LeeSsang) ~~ Gary’s Love BGM

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Youtube (Audio Only); Youtube (Monday Couple Version); Youtube (Piano Version)

BGM 5: ChowChow  (by Deli Spice) ~~ Gary’s Telepathy BGM

(credit by Fransisca Yenny)

DOWNLOAD: mp3ye (Audio Only); Youtube (audio only)

  • Running Man ID: Gary
  • Hangul: 강총희 / 강게리
  • Profession: Singer / Rapper (with LeeSsang)
  • Birthdate: February 24th, 1978
  • Height: 174cm



Song Jong Ki

BGM: Pretty Boy (by M2M)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafireYoutube (Music Video)

  • Running Man ID: Flower Boy / Brain Jong Ki
  • Hangul: 송중기
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: December 19th, 1985
  • Height: 178cm
1. Please at least say thanks if you download from here 
2. Link back if you reupload on your web/blog
3. Big thanks to uploader
4. Tell Me if at least one of the link is broken

OST Detective Conan Complete (Update)


Karafuru San remember bout something while studying right now for the test tomorrow. Yeah, (again) it’s about Detective Conan. One of the OST of Detective Conan hasn’t been completed yet. That’s the 29th Ending Song by U-Ka Saegusa in DB, which is “Yukidoke no ano kawa no nagare no you ni” (Like the Flow of That River of Melting Snow) as the title.

So, for you, Detective Conan fans, please welcome link download for the song: HERE. (mediafire — thank you for THE KON)

If wanna see OST Detective Conan Complete on Karafuru World, click HERE.

Sangkyuuuuu.. ~\^_^/~

A Song of Storm and Fire…

(it’s a song by Yuki Kajiura)

Kire kagima saibastia~~

Kiweta i adora i amena i adesta idela
Asora i adora i
Asora i yamasa idita dora

Kasa melistora
Imeta li aora
i kasa melindora
Iliya iya

Kasa melistora
Imeta li aora
i kasa melindora

KIre kagima saibastia
Inaria miamenta
Asora ita saibastia
Imilia iyasii iya

Kiweta ita saibastia
Inaria miamenta
Asora ita saibastia
Imilia iyasii iya

Kasa melistora
Imeta i aora
Kasa melistora
i kasa melindora


Same with U…. I also ask what kind of language is it? Some people say on the internet it’s thought to be either Hebrew, Italian, Indonesian, or possibly Sanskrit. Yuki Kajiura’s fans have referred to it as “Kajiuran” or “Kajiurish”, Yuki Kajiura has used made up languages in several of her previous songs…

It’s a strong song.. When I hear that song, I realize that I have a dark side inside of me.. I have to fight to make it dissappear like to make the storm and fire dissappear.. So that will only kind sun, shine, and bright left…..

And here is the translate:

Your wistful face

Soft and sweet and gentle and so very fragile

Seeing it – I can’t describe what I’m seeing – it’s too beautiful for words

Waiting faithfully

And smiling so peacefully

And waiting patiently

Quietly wishing

Waiting faithfully

And smiling so peacefully

And waiting patiently


Your wistful face

Smiles in the mist

I see that face

And I wish for an impossible wish

That soft face

Smiles in the mist

I see that face

And I wish for the impossible wish

Waiting faithfully

And smiling so peacefully

Waiting faithfully

And waiting patiently

I wish…


Lyric Source: CS WIKIA

Video Performance source: YOUTUBE

Record “Tuhan Beri Aku Cinta”



Karafuru San just record Karafuru San’s own voice…

Well, after watched Ketika Cinta Bertasbih movie, Karafuru San inpired by one of its OST, “Tuhan Beri Aku Cinta”…

If you, guys, wanna hear THE REAL SONG by Ayu Shita, click HERE (klik DI SINI)…

If you, guys, wanna hear from Karafuru Record, click HERE (klik DI SINI untuk versi Karafuru San)…

Mi Angel De Amor


I just found another great song…

Mi Angel De Amor

Ha nacido un Sol apartir de hoy
que ilumina mi Alma

Eres tu mi tierno Amor
que abre la esperanza en mi
siento en tu fragilidad mi Amor
algo que no se entender

¿Cómo enseñarte Yo?
a cuidar tu Corazón
a buscar lo que es mejor,
mi Amor…
Mi Angel de Amor

which means (probably)…

My Lovely Angel

The sun rises to come today

to light up my soul

You’re my tender love

You’re the one who open my hope

Feel Your attendance, My Love

is the thing understandable

Entrap me

As a guardian of Your heart

searching all the best things,

My Love..

My Lovely Angel..

It’s an awesome lyric, isn’t it?

If you wanna hear the song, DOWNLOAD it here.

Another Story of Mom…



This post tells us about another story of Mom…

A few days ago, Karafuru San got this from a friend,

For add, It’s Naadhira Ali who read this verse…

My Mom Is Amazing

She wakes up early in the morning with a smile
And she holds my head up high
Don’t you ever let anybody put you down
Cos you are my little angelThen she makes something warm for me to drink
Cos it’s cold out there, she thinks
Then she walks me to school, Yes I aint no fool
I just think my Mom is amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

After School, she’s waiting by the gate
I’m so happy that I just can’t wait
To get home to tell her how my day went
And eat the yummy food, only my Mom makes

Then I wind her up cos I don’t wanna bath
And we run around the house with a laugh
No matter what I say, she gets her way
I think my Mom is amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

In the evening, she tucks me into bed
And I wrap my arms around her head
Then she tells me a tale of a girl far away
Who one day became a princess

I‘m so happy, I don’t want her to leave
So she lies in bed with me
As I close my eyes, how lucky am I
To have a Mom that’s so amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

Then I wake up in the morning, she’s not there
And I realize she never was
And I’m still here in this lonely orphanage
With so many just like me

And as my dreams begin to fade
I try hard to look forward to my day
But there’s a pain in my heart that’s a craving
How I wish I had a Mom that’s amazing
Would be amazing

Well… If you, Karafuru Friends, still have parents (especially Mom), why you delay your “I love you” or “Thanks God you’re still here” or “Thank you for your love” or even say nothing?

OST Detective Conan (complete!!)



This May is an important month for Detective Conan fans. Why? Coincide 20 years ago, Aoyama Gosho create Detective Conan, and make 4th May as a birth of Shinichi Kudou. So if your birthday at May 5th, CONGRATULATION! You have the same birthday with Shinichi Kudou!

As an anniversary, Karafuru San wanna give a big present, big gift to all the Detective Conan fans : Original Soundtrack (OST) Detective Conan full edition (a.k.a complete!!!) –> BUT NOW, The Lyrics are still under construction… So, be patient, please… (you can wait for the lyrics by downloading the songs first or by reading information from Mr. Wiki about Detective Conan if you don’t know… ^_^).

[What’s Detective Conan?] [Apa itu Detektif Conan?]

So, Guys… DOWNLOAD your Favourite OST of Detective Conan here!!! Free!

Shinichi and Ran in Pink


1. The High Lows – Mune ga Doki Doki [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

2. Velvet Garden – Feel Your Heart [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

3. Komatsu Miho – Nazo [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

4. Zard – Unmei no Roulette Mawashite [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

5. Two Mix – Truth [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

6. B’z – GiriGiri Chop [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

7. Garnet Crow – Mysterious Eyes [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

8. Rina Aiuchi – Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

9. Miki Matsuhashi – Destiny [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

10. Mai Kuraki – Winter Bell [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

11. Rina Aiuchi – I Can’t Stop My Love for You [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

12. Mai Kuraki – Kaze no Lalala [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

13. U-ka Saegusa – Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

14. Rina Aiuchi – Start [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

15. Zard – Hoshi no Kagayakiyo [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

16. Mai Kuraki – Growing of My Heart [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

17. B’z – Shoudou [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

18. Rina Aiuchi & U-ka Saegusa – 100 Mono Tobira [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

19. U-ka Saegusa – Kumo ni Notte [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

20. Garnet Crow – Namida no Yesterday [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

21. Zard – Glorious Mind [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

22. Zard – Ai wa kurayami no naka de [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

23. Mai Kuraki – Ichibyo Goto ni Love for you [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

24. Naifu – Mysterious [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

25. Mai Kuraki – Revive [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

26. Breakerz – Everlasting Love [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]



1. Ziggy – Step by Step [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

2. Heath – Meikyuu no Lovers [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

3. Keiko Utoku – Hikari To Kega no Roman [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

4. Deen – Kimi Ga Inai Natsu [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

5. Komatsu Miho – Negai Koto Hitotsu Dake [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

6. Komatsu Miho – Koori no Ue ni tatsu Youni [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

7. Rumania Montevideo – Still for Your Love [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

8. WAG – Free Magic [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

9. Mai Kuraki – Secret of My Heart [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

10. Garnet Crow – Natsu no Maboroshi [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

11. Mai Kuraki – Start in My Life [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

12. Mai Kuraki – Always [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

13. Azumi Uehara – Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

14. Garnet Crow – Yume Mita Ato de [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

15. Azumi Uehara – Mushoku [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

16. Koushi Inaba – Overture [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

17. Zard – Ashita wo Yume Mite [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

18. Garnet Crow – Kimi to Iu Hikari [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

19. U-ka Saegusa – Nemuru Kimi wo Yokogao Hohoemi [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

20. Garnet Crow – Wasurezaki [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

21. U-ka Saegusa – Anata Shika Mienai (June Bride) [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

22. Shiori Takei – Sekai Tomete (Stopping the World) [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

23. Iwata Sayuri – Thank You for Everything [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

24. Zard – Kanashii hodo Kihou ga suki [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

25. Aya Kimiki- Mou Kimi dake wo Hanashitari wa Shinai [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

26. Mai Kuraki – Shiroi Yuki [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

27. Yumi Shizukusa – I still believe [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

28. Garnet Crow – Sekai wa Mawaru to Iu Keredo [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

29. U-ka Saegusa – Yukidoke no ano kawa no nagare no you ni [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

30. Aya Kamiki – Summer Memories [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

31. Yumi Shizukusa – Go Your Own Way [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

32. Naifu – Koigokoro kagayaki nagara [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

33. Garnet Crow – Doing All Right [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]



1. Kyoko – Happy Birthday [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

2. Zard – Shoujo no Koro ni Modotta Mitai ni [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

3. B’z – One [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

4. Komatsu Miho – Anata ga Irukara [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

5. Mai Kuraki – Always [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

6. B’z – Everlasting [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

7. Mai Kuraki – Time After Time [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

8. Rina Aiuchi – Dream x Dream [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

9. Zard – Natsu wo Matsu Sail no Youni [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

10. B’z – Yuruginai mono Hitotsu [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

11. Rina Aiuchi and U-ka Saegusa – Nanatsu No Umi Wo Wataru Kaze No You Ni [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

12. Zard – Tsubasa wo Hirogete [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

13. Mai Kuraki – Puzzle [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

14. Garnet Crow – Overdrive [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]


Two Mix – Living Daylight [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]

Iori – Kimi Ga Ireba [DOWNLOAD] [LYRIC]


1. Boku Ga Iru

2. If You Are Here

3. Soba Ni Iru Kara

4. Break

5. Kizuna

6. Bloody Venus

7. Ai Wa Itsumo

8. Aitai Yo


Once again… Remember… “Only one truth prevails!”

(Ssst… If you find error link(s) or bugs, please report in comments… ^_^)