Link Background Music (BGM) Running Man Cast / Character


Hi, Karafuru friend! Do you watch Korean Variety Show “Running Man”? Yeah, one of the best variety show MC-ed by Yoo Jae Suk..

It’s so refreshing after I watch it!!  Right now, it is still 65th episode.

So, while waiting for the next episode, I give you the download link for the BGM for each character!!

1. Please at least say thanks if you download from here 
2. Link back if you reupload on your web/blog
3. Big thanks to uploader
4. Tell Me if one of the link is broken


Yoo Jae Suk

BGM 1: Pink Panther Theme (OST Pink Panther)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; mp3skull; beemp3; MediafireYoutube (Pink Panther Opening Video)

BGM 2: Step By Step (by New Kids on the Block) ~~ Yoo Hyuk Dance’s Theme

DOWNLOAD: 4shared; Mediafire; beemp3; mp3skullYoutube (audio only)

BGM 3: Extreme Ways (by Moby) ~~ Yooruce Willis’s Theme

DOWNLOAD: mp3skullbeemp3Youtube (audio only)

BGM 4: James Bond Movie Theme~~ Yoomes Bond’s Theme

DOWNLOAD: mp3skullYoutube (audio only)

  • Running Man ID: Yoo Jae Suk / Yooruce Willis / Grasshopper / National MC / Yoo Hyuk
  • Hangul:  유재석
  • Profession: MC, Comedian
  • Birthdate: August 14th, 1972
  • Height: 178cm


Kim Jong Kook

BGM 1: What We Need Is A Hero (OST Beowulf)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; mp3skull; beemp3Youtube (Audio Only) 

BGM 2: This Is Sparta! (From Movie: 300)

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire (“This Is Sparta” with Outro); mp3skull (remix version); Mediafire (“This Is Sparta” Original); Mediafire (“Sparta”)

  • Running Man ID: SpartaKook / Kookie
  • Hangul: 김종국
  • Profession: Singer
  • Birthdate: April 25th, 1977
  • Height: 187cm


Song Ji Hyo

BGM 1: Tears (by So Chan Whee) ~~ Ji Hyo’s choice to sing

DOWNLOAD: EsnipsYoutube (music video)

BGM 2: Hot Issue (by 4 minute) ~~Ji Hyo’s Fav Song

DOWNLOAD: MediafireYoutube (audio only)

BGM 3: Cheesy/Ticklish/Ganjireobgeh/간지럽게 (by Sweet Sorrow) ~~ Ji Hyo’s Love Song

DOWNLOAD: MediafireYoutube (live performance)

BGM 4: Angry Birds (from Angry Birds Soundtrack) ~~ Ji Hyo’s Theme Song

DOWNLOAD: mp3skullYoutube (audio version)

  • Running Man ID: Mong Ji Hyo (Blank Ji Hyo) / Song Ji Yok
  • Hangul: 송지효
  • Profession: Actress, Model
  • Birthdate: August 15th, 1981
  • Height: 168cm


Ji Suk Jin

BGM 1: The House You Live In (by JYP)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; MediafireYoutube (Live Performance)

BGM 2: I Swear (by All 4 One)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafireYoutube (Live Performance)

BGM3: Angel (Romeo and Juliet OST by Gavin Friday) ~~ Suk Jin’s Theme When Meet Girls

DOWNLOAD: MP3Raid; Youtube (Music Video)

  • Running Man ID: Big Nose Hyung
  • Hangul: 지숙진
  • Profession: MC, Comedian
  • Birthdate: May 10th, 1968
  • Height: 181cm


Lee Gwang Soo

BGM 1: Saint Agnes and the Burning Train (by Sting)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Mediafire (Short version), Youtube (Guitar video)

BGM 2: No Matter How I Think About It (by Sweet Sorrow) ~~Gwangsoo’s Love BGM

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire; Youtube (audio only)

  • Running Man ID: Gwangvatar
  • Hangul: 이광수
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: July 14th, 1987
  • Height: 190cm


Ha Dong Hoon / Haha

BGM 1: Perfect Love (by Lutricia McNeal)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Mediafire (short version); Youtube (audio only)

BGM 2: Pororo (Korean Cartoon)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafire (Short version), Youtube (Pororo Opening video)

BGM3: Rosa (by Haha)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Mediafire (Live Performance); Youtube (Music Video)

  • Running Man ID: Haroro / Haha / Harad Pitt
  • Hangul: 하동훈 / 하하
  • Profession: Entertainer, Comedian, Singer
  • Birthdate: August 20th, 1979
  • Height: 169cm


Kang Hee-gun / Kang Gary

BGM 1: LeeSsang Blues (by LeeSsang)

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Mediafire; Youtube (Music Video)

BGM 2: Woman Who Can Not Break up, Man Who Can Not Leave (by LeeSsang)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafireYoutube (Music Video)

BGM 3: Our Meeting (Uri Jigeum Manna) (우리 지금 만나) (by LeeSsang)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafireYoutube (Music Video)

BGM 4: You’re The Answer to A Guy Like Me  (by LeeSsang) ~~ Gary’s Love BGM

DOWNLOAD: 4Shared; Youtube (Audio Only); Youtube (Monday Couple Version); Youtube (Piano Version)

BGM 5: ChowChow  (by Deli Spice) ~~ Gary’s Telepathy BGM

(credit by Fransisca Yenny)

DOWNLOAD: mp3ye (Audio Only); Youtube (audio only)

  • Running Man ID: Gary
  • Hangul: 강총희 / 강게리
  • Profession: Singer / Rapper (with LeeSsang)
  • Birthdate: February 24th, 1978
  • Height: 174cm



Song Jong Ki

BGM: Pretty Boy (by M2M)

DOWNLOAD: 4SharedMediafireYoutube (Music Video)

  • Running Man ID: Flower Boy / Brain Jong Ki
  • Hangul: 송중기
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: December 19th, 1985
  • Height: 178cm
1. Please at least say thanks if you download from here 
2. Link back if you reupload on your web/blog
3. Big thanks to uploader
4. Tell Me if at least one of the link is broken

335 responses to “Link Background Music (BGM) Running Man Cast / Character

  1. Kamsahamnida, Karafuru-sshi.
    I’ve been looking for Kwangsoo’s theme since long time ago.
    Lucky me, i found your posting.
    I enjoyed a lot this game show, and still i am.
    Never get bored, always makes me laughing to crying.
    If i have to choose the members to be with in a team, i’ll definitely choose Kwangvatar and “Stress” Gary.
    Nothing matter if i’ll loose the game (for sure since Kwangvatar and Gary aren’t the strongest one), as long as i can laughing out out out loud. ~LOOOL~
    Kwangsoo~ah, FIGHTING!!! Gary~oppa, FIGHTING!!!

    • Kmsahamnida 🙂
      same here….I also always laugh hard as long as I see Gwang Soo.. Even if I only hear his BGM (St. Agnes and Burning Train by Sting)…

      U’re Indonesian, right? Let’s hope they will have RM filming in Indonesia! 😀

      • excuse me , do you know , what the background sound ,(opening) in RM ep 67 . i really need your help . i can’t find it . i just heard the lyrics like , ” i wanna plays plays” . lol

      • I dunno whether it’s from Yoon Mi Rae’s “Get It In” as nameless say or not. Probably you can check it, since I don’t bring my Running Man collection right now.

      • maybe “Get It In” by Tasha Reid (Yoon Mi Rae) ft. Tiger JK and Jung In, I watch the subs from ISUBS, and there is an information about BGM haha

  2. Thank you so much karafuruworld.
    i really like Gary soundtrack (You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me)
    it is nice song hahaha

    Thank you

  3. hai karafuruworld,
    i’ve been looking for song ji hyo’s back ground music when she wants to attack another. it’s sounds like “whaaatt!!”. Do you know it?

  4. Thank you for all of these reference…
    Any chance you have the Running Man reaction??
    You know, when Haroro came out there’s this squeeky voice saying, “Pororo da…” or when Jihyo came, there’s a this cute sound “Kiko..” or when she’s angry too..
    I can’t explain this well… XDDD
    Anyway, if you know where i could have it, please do tell…

  5. karafuru-san… how amazing you are..
    explaining about korean reality show..
    btw, do you have a favourite korean drama?
    i am being hypnotized by sungkyunkwan scandal… haha…

  6. sorry but I think jongkook oppa isn’t 187cm tall. I see that jongkook and jaesuk have a very similar height hehe 😀

  7. Thank you so much for this!!!
    but why can’t i download pororo’s short version?
    the link seems to be broken?
    i hope you can fix it.
    and once again i’m very thankful to you! 😀

  8. EP 91 can you find out what bgm playing at the last part when yoome bond is set free? Think that can be new bgm lol

  9. Thank you so much karafuruworld.
    I’ve been searching kim jong kook (This Is Sparta) for quite a while

  10. whoaaa.. really helpful link.. i almost give up search for pororo’s song.. suddenly i found your link.. thanks for sharing those information..

  11. Thank You Karafuru, I’ve been looking for all this haha, make me easier to find their BGM, especially Gwang Soo theme haha

  12. i’m sorry, but do you know by any chance where i can find soundtrack list to all the running man episodes? (actually i want to know the song from the ep96 w/park jisung but couldn’t find it)

  13. Hi! Do anyone knows what is the name of the background music used at running man EP107 on the last part where ji suk jin and jang shin young fighting for the gold badge? I have been searching for a long time but still cant find it

  14. Hi, does any1 know the music backgroud for episode 110 when they choose the card to rip the tag. This is kind of weird, but the sound is like latin or brazilian rap song. “eyale hoot tarara soriya(man voice), chame mangga sorina(girl voice)”. lol, i guess it is sound like this.

  15. khamsamida..i’ve been looking for haha and kwangsoo BGM all this time…finally found it here..chongmal khamsamida unnie..

  16. thnks bro..can u help me find bgm for jung jae hyung in ep 89 i think i already now the name “hello ghost ost ” and plus with some korean going crazy find that mp3..please help me man..thanks..

      • Hi. Can u please help me to find d title of BGM for ep 23 (if I’m not mistaking) while jong ki grab ji hyo hands in d ice field and ji suk jin was giving them d question. I’m going crazy just to find that music..
        thank u

  17. thank you for the link dear,
    but actually I can’t find the one that I’ve been looking for..
    in RM ep 2 or 3, when Gary is just about to jump to the pool,
    he sang a song which translated,
    “in this world there’s only me,
    those who love me, please understand that
    I want to walk my own world”
    could you please find it for me?
    pretty please? 🙂

  18. Hi, thank you webmaster so much for the wonderful bgms of everyone’s favourite variety show. I’m looking for 1 particular bgm which is being played in recent episodes (particularly when someone is being chased after) (ep.119 17:17-17:35), do you have it?
    Also, the track for JSJ’s “he House You Live In”seems broken.

  19. what is the bgm in RM 119 when jaesuk vs gary (ttakji game)?, the song appears when jaesuk glasses removed by other member

  20. Anyeong haseo

    Thankyou for your posting Karafuru-ssi, now I can listen well kang gary’s BGM whenever I want. I have suggestion for all runningman fans, if you want to know most of runningman bgm on every episode, you can download those episodes from isub, here the link “if I’m not wrong for the link”.

    And the other BGM that must you listen is “lalala love song by jun yoo rim” and “lalala love song by as one”. When you listen this song in the morning, it will enlighten your day. Trust me.

    Thank you, kamsahamnida, terima kasih

  21. I REALLY want to know Kwang Soo’s Giraffe theme song. “It is NOT Saint Agnes and the Burning Train” They can be heard from: @ 11:30 @ 1:45 @ 7:44 @ 7:24 @ 6:29 @ 2:29



  23. does anyone know the background track during the yoomes bond episode(s). It’s a bit different from the original james bond theme. there seems to be a different beat that has a modern beat added to it.

  24. did u know the song when play after running man finished,,at ‘sponsored by’ ? ‘I said molla~,molla~’ that’s 1 of the lyrics..sorry for the strange question…thank u

  25. have you watch RM episode 141, runningman animal kingdom? i just wanna know what is the title of the song that gwang soo sang while he looked at the giraffes. i mean when eun ji won just finished his mission. i hope that u can help to find that song..

  26. Thanks for share 🙂

    I just wondering Indonesian broadcast station TV, can like SBS. Make some creative programme than a FTV with violence or loving schoolgirl..

  27. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all of us you really realize what you
    are speaking about! Bookmarked. Please also
    discuss with my web site =). We could have a hyperlink
    exchange arrangement between us

  28. Really want to know ep 50 ost i heard that is cheong chun manhwa but i dont know the rest please help me

  29. What a great thread! I’ve been searching for days for something like this! Thanks for compiling! 🙂

    There’s a song that’s not mentioned here that still eats away at my brain though – it was recently used as the monday couple’s theme (episode 143 towel fight and 147 when their hats were switched). There’s also an instrumental version that’s played in the car-ride in episode 147 also.

    Any ideas appreciated 🙂 it’s such a sweet song.

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  33. Hye, may anyone help me about the title for the last song that they played in RM episode 165? song on the last part when they finally found that little girl?
    Love the song but failed to find it.

  34. thank you sooo much karafuru.. i’ve been looking for ‘deli spice chau-chau’ since long time ago.. lucky me i found ur blog.. I really love runningman.. i still save 1st episode until the last one ^^
    do you still watch runningman? I hope so.. well… neomu neooomu gamsahamnida!!! fighting!!!! ^^

  35. Hey, I think your website might be having browser
    compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in
    Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, awesome blog!

  36. hi everyone… I have a question.
    what is the music background that is used in episode 107 where the battle between Ji Suk Jin and Shin Young was shown?
    Any answer would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  37. i want to know this song and i like it so much but i don’t know the tittle of this song.. RM ep 182 when Big Nose hyung diving 7.5 m at swimming pool..

  38. Hi! Anyone here knows the title of the song being played while they were showing how the Angel Eyes team won in the first game? The song being played @34:43 episode 190. Please. Thanks!

  39. hi anyone here knows the episode 153( bgm at 35.20 ) / episode 168 when jh and iu fighting at the ufc arena ground ? its the same metal THX!

  40. hi guys, can anyone tell me the ost for the asia race or the australia race.. the song that they play most of the time when they fly from other places to another places..

    • You should be more specific because they actually use a lot of BGM when travelling from one place to another. I found this one but not sure if it’s the one you wanted…
      Plan B(OST) – Unlimited

  41. Do you guys know the song that is played on ep 147 @ 12:11 mins, where Kwangsoo falls off the chin up bar? It’s lalala~~ (followed by flamenco guitars) and stuff. It’s hilarious!

  42. Thankyou!
    I just watched running man and i heard jihyo’s theme. Then i looked at the bgm, so i searched for that song as fast as i can. Luckily i found it! Thanks for letting me download that song! 😀

    • There were 2 different music in the clip, you need to specify which one you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the second one it’s…

  43. Hello ! I was wondering what was the song when Park Ji Sung kicked the ball into the goal during the baseball hitting on episode 199 . On the top you said that it was yoon mi rae AKA Tasha Reid . But when I searched , and listen to the song , it seems that it isn’t the correct one . so may I ask which is the correct song ? I am really in need of it . thanks .please reply ASAP

  44. hey anyone can you guys tell me what song that played in running man ep 168 when park myung soo come at 03:13??

  45. Hi! Does anyone know what’s the BGM played in episode 153 at 37:46 when they are talking in the car, soon after they sang Bounce(Cho Yong Pil), Green Team

  46. hello everyone..omg!i found a really cool site! thanks for all the hard work karafuru shi~ gomawo~
    btw..can anyone PLEASE tell me whats the song thats played in episode 182 (race from hong kong) where the guest Jingoo checks the aqua pressure mat & get startled & then he starts to get ready for the horse hurdle race?pls pls pls if u find it send me the link in my email account –
    thanks in advance~ ❤

  47. Any idea what song is played for Episode 201, the last game where they are trying to build fire to roast the chicken. Thanks!

  48. Hi , do anyone know the song was playing in 110 ep when son jae was choosing the card it’s like a Brazilian song . If anyone know plllzz just tell me 😦

  49. BGM runningman epi 139 … when go ahra said the man who order sparkling juice and jongkook shy … please tell me quickly .. i like this song

    • “The Damning Well” – Awakening (Episode 131)

      The music in Episode 161 was too hard to make out, sorry :S

  50. Kamsahamnida Karafuru-ssi. That really helps.
    anyway, would anybody tell me the background music that they played on Ep. 163, when the teams got into their cars and leaving to the paddy “muddy” field? I’m pretty sure that it was GD’s voice. thanks again.

  51. Hi! Could you tell me what song is playing during episode 152 when Hyo Joo is being flung? It’s at around the 57:30 mark. Thanks!

    • Sorry I couldn’t find the song when she flew but as she was flying there was another song which you may or may not want to know, anyway here it is:

      MxPx – “You’re On Fire”

  52. hi all need a bgm check on Episode167; @ 21:24 where chun jung myung starts warming up, and the same bgm @ Episode84 @1:44 where the running was shocked for the confrontation (before bigbang came)

  53. Thanks Stephen…. Im also looking for BGM at eps 147 minute 3.30 when PD describe the mission, its korean song..

  54. How about kwang soo and kwon ri sae’s song at karaoke mission eps 149 it’ s 2 songs? first song i think its L.I.E.S song, but i don’t know who the singer, i looking for that two songs please

    • This is the first song they sang, “Lies” by Big Bang

      This is the second one, “Pierrot laughs at us” by Kim Wan Sun

  55. Anyone know the new lee kwang soo BGM? it always play for kwang soo since 2013 eps, example at eps 141 when kwang soo play X-O game with girrafe first chance. you’ll be familiar with that song

  56. Im looking for:
    1. BGM eps 112 when kwang soo come to taeyeon’s ship just after ‘twinkle’ song, its korean song also
    2. BGM eps 123 When Han Hyojoo pick gary, and make him shy, its english song
    3. BGM eps 128 at karaoke exercise, the green team 3rd song, after red team complete the mission
    4. BGM eps 149 when kim sook come out at beggining scene.
    5. im also looking for Lee Kwang soo new BGM and the bgm when jail scene

  57. do you guys know what is the song being played in running man?( its almost always the bgm you hear when they are cooking) i think it was played by a cello or a violin..
    i heard this again on exid showtime episode 8 where junghwa is about to cook a rice.

  58. hello…do you know bgm music song that looks like they are in medical operation…in episode where gwangsoo is dying (ep.jae suk pants pulled by jongkok)

  59. does anyone know the song in the background episode 42
    around minute 11:26, it sounds soo familiar
    but i don’t remember where it’s from :-(((
    ive searched EVERYWHERE but i havent found anything pls help

  60. Thank you for the SPARTA!!! sound 😀 I was looking for it. Too bad that for Leessang song’s (Leessang blues, You’re the answer…) the link is broken. I want the MP3 not Youtube, Can’t find it anywhere :”(

  61. hello guys. does anyone know the song title gary sung when he is about to jump off the pool in running man episode 3.reply will be much appreciated. thank you.

  62. Hi.. I wanna know the background music Running Man episode 18 from minutes 44:15 until 45:05, during Kwang Soo’s confession to Lizzy. Can you help me? Thank you.

  63. Hi.. I wanna know the background music Running Man episode 136 from minutes 02:00 until 02:40. Can you help me? Thank you

  64. Hai karafuruworld’s owner. Bisa kasih tau gak, bgm pas kalo Running Man udah habis, kan ada yg bacain sponsor atau apalah itu namanya. Pokoknya yg ada kata “Baekhwajeomsangpumkwon…” itu kan ada bgm nya. Lagunya judulnya apa ya ?? Maaf kalo pertanyaannya ribet. Please bales ke . Terimakasih sebelumnya ^_^

  65. Some of the Hangul name not accurate. KJK year of birth actually 1976. I dont know if anyone already add up in comment session about Leessang’s music Let’s Meet Now and Hard To Be Humble as Gary BGM. But HTBH often play as a team BGM.

  66. Adakah yg tw siapa penyanyi dan Lagu apa yg dibawakan saat Program acara Running man berakhir di ujung acara ada iklan Sponsor dgn tulisan2 “Korea”, yg paling akhir acara…kyk boyband…??? ada yg tw lagunya boyband siapa…???

  67. anyone know the music from eps 131 and 168?
    For 131:

    The first 12 seconds,

    For 168:

    From 4:12 to 4:57.

    Please let me know!

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