Maket of an Electrical Engineer


Today, one of my friends who studies Interior Design at Itenas, Kiki, tag me on her photo which is a picture of “Simple House for Electrical Engineer” Maket. The Maket is pretty awesome (though it hasn’t been colored yet).

Actually, My Friend made it for her project. Her lecturer asked her to make a maket of engineer house. By that time, she choosed me as an electrical engineer. The maket itself built by some my requests. For example, I’d like to have an oval shape of wall. And Tada! She made it! Hehehe.

By the way, there are some rooms as we can see from the pic. One room for the toilet, one room for the bedroom, and another room is as electrical engineer room. That is the room where the engineer can do engineering works.

Alhamdulillah, the project has been acomplished. And for that, she got a good result for her maket.. 🙂

Yeah!!! 😀


Hari ini, temen Karafuru  yang belajar Desain Interior di Itenas, Kiki, ngetag Karafuru di fotonya, yaitu maket “Rumah Sederhana Engineer Elektro” yang terlihat cukup baik (meskipun belum diwarnai).

Maket tersebut dibuat untuk memenuhi salah satu tugas kuliahnya-nya: maket untuk rumah engineer. Pada saat itu, ia milih Karafuru yang saat ini kuliah di teknik elektro buat ngebantu tugasnya. Maketnya itu sendiri dibangun oleh beberapa permintaan Karafuru. Misalnya, Karafuru suka ada dinding yang bentuknya oval. Dan ternyata, dibikin sama dia! Hehehe..

Ngomong-ngomong, dari gambar, ada beberapa ruangan. Satu ruang untuk toilet, satu ruang untuk kamar tidur, dan satu ruangan lain adalah sebagai ruang insinyur listrik. Itulah ruangan tempat insinyur bisa melakukan pekerjaan engineering-nya.

Alhamdulillah, proyek tersebut terlaksana. Dan untuk itu, dia mendapat hasil yang baik untuk Maketnya .. 🙂

Yeah!!! 😀

2 responses to “Maket of an Electrical Engineer

  1. Cool…
    I bet she can help me to build my own home … Someday…. 😀
    But…. I think there are some problems here,,, Mr. Karafuru didn’t show to us where the exact location of the engineering room itself.

    And also,,, I guess that mr. Karafuru is still single when he occupy the house,,,
    because he only have a single bed and doesn’t have any kitchen… 🙂 (remember mr. karafuru , Fast Food isn’t good for your health :P)

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