We Need Sports

Dear Karafuru Friend, do you like sport? Hm… That’s great!!!
Why? Cause there are so many advantages if you do it at least once in a week…
1. Reduce the fat, Anti aging effect
Doing some sports can reduce your fat, guys…If you add it by food which is high quality, the disease will go away!
(I told you, being sick is not good…. I’ve just sick, and right now I’m getting better by doing some sports).
Oh, without reducing the quantity of food that we eat rapidly, doing some sports is a great diet.. 🙂
This combination has also an anti aging effect..
2. Reduce the percentation of heart attack
By doing some sports, it can increase HDL (good collesterol) and reduce  LDL (bad collesterol). Just so you know, bad collesterol can increase fatwhich can resist blood sirculation. Less collesterol can make our heart works effisien…
3. Bye Bye Diabetes
Continuous sports can prevent us from this disease.. By doaing some sports at least for half an our each week, our sensitivity of insulin will increase…When it happens, bye bye diabetes!
4. Preventing Osteoporosys
Osteoporosys can happen if we seldom to do some exercise with our bones and hinges… So, if we for example, jogging, swimming, etc, if we combine it with calciumand vitamine D, when we get old, We’ll be able to be a grandpa or grandma who still strong to walk with outgrandchildren.. 🙂
5. Reducing stress, Building a good self Physicology, sleep well
By doing some sports, our mood can be better by a chemical parts which is named endorphins!
Well.. You know, our body will grow up better so we can be a more-good loking person,,, Insya Allah, we’ll thank God by it.. By saying grateful to the God, automatically our phsycology we’ll be better aren’t we?
6. Reduce the early impotence
By doing some sports, we’ll have more stamina, so we’ll have a better night with our beloved one, one day… 🙂
7. And many more..
So, keep healthy!
By: Ex Litle Doctor on Junior High School 1 Bojong, Ciamis,
Ex Calisthenics 2000’s Instructure periode 1999-2001,
Karafuru San