Each Human has Their Own ‘Things’


Yesterday, Karafuru San read something about ‘spirit’ (baca : roh). Spirit in this case is not a soul who flies around us… But about…. Well, wait. I wanna tell u something first.

Once in a time on a village, there was family who has a grandfather. Someday, he died. But guys….. Suddenly, A few days after it, the grandfather appeared!!!

He told the family to fulfill something that he dreamt when he lived. And then disappear…

Family who saw it said, “It’s true!! It’s him!!”
But another said, “No! It’s just illusion!”

Which one you wanna believe?

What the family saw probably right. But it was not the grandfather. It was a Qarin (from Jinn). Qarin is a jinn species who acompany people from born to die. Every human being have their own Qarin.

From Ibnu Mas’ud, Rasulullah SAW says, “Each of you has an accompanying jinn.” They asked, “And for you too, Rasulullah?”
“Indeed. But Allah protect me from it, so it will push me only to have a good attitude.” (HR. Muslim)

Not only Qarin, but also two angels, Raqib and Atid, who note whatever we do, good or bad…

Beside those 2 things, each human has God, who always see whatever we do, every miliseconds…