My 5 Day, 4 surprise…

Assalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb..

It was March 5th. Yesterday. It was my birthday.

I started the day with not a good start,,, buat finally got many things…

I got 4 surprise:

1. I put my bag in a room, then left it. When I came back, and open it, suddenly I found a gift! “Catatan dari Balik Dapur si Tukang Masak” (Notes behind the Chef’s Kitchen). It’s a book, given by T’Desi, one of ex Gamais Corporation best member. There was a note. It says, “..Congratulation for winning cooking competition…” Hohoho.. It was, team, teh.. Not only me. Besides I’m not good at all at cook.

2. When I face my laptop alone, still in that room, one of my friend, Agung, came and says, “Raf, did u see Rizky?”… “No.. Why?”…. “Nothing…”…..  Hah??? but then, “Hey, have you ever read this book?” TIPPING POINT by Malcolm Gladwell. “No…” I remember when I was at bookstore, I planned to buy that book, but haven’t bought it yet. “For you. Happy Milad, ya…” WOW!!!

3. When I came out, I met Nad, who usually wear jeans, suddenly wear skirt! Wow! It’s another surprise!

4. When I standby on the National Seminar Generation Enterpreuneur stand, suddenly Head of Gamais ITBAdjie called me and said : “Give me a paper in that room, on a wardrobe.” I thought of a surprise. I thought thay plan somethin by gathering on that room. OK…. Let’s see…. But when I came into that room, there are nothing. Ckckck, I guess I wrong. But when I opened the wardrobe, I found a paper! Some of Gamais’ member wrote many things bout my birthday… And also there was a gift…. Great!…………………….. It haven’t finished yet. When I came back to stand, they were there!!! Standing with a atraight face and plan somethin! Cake, with chili! Hohoho… Another surprise!

Whatever it takes…. Allah plan something beautiful on March 5th… After that, I have to think about what will I do next…..
Means the time of my life only a few times left.. I don’t know when….

Change and make change…..

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