Today, I missed my course. I didn’t attend it. I lost 2 sks on Instrumentation Course, I lost 1 sks on Embedded System…. Poor!

Why? Hm… I have reasons…

1. I have homeworks… MANY HOMEWORKS! I don’t have enough time to finish it if I took the course….

2. If I attended it, well, nothing change. I will still probably know nothing bout the courses.

3. Lazy? Yeah…

4. I need to standby on the stand (Nasional Seminar of Generation Enterpreneur)….

5. Emmmm…. Nothing else.. ^_^

But when I realize…. All of them were just REASONS.
Reasons that makes me far faraway from the productive of me.
For sure,
The homework is not finished yet.
And nothing change no matter I tried to read book by myself…
Actually there are still people who can standby on the stand…

It’s not a good ‘today’…..

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