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Behind the Scene: Facing a Test!

Are we like this?????

Three months before…

Two months before…

A month before…

A week before..

Three days before..

Two days before..

A day before.

Few minutes before test

When test

After test!

A day after (compare answers with friends)

Two days after

Three days after (the result is out)

Well… Don’t be like that…
Whatever we do today, that’s what we’ll get tomorrow!

Act better now!

Contemplation About Love (Part 1)


I wanna open this contemplation by a simple words…

Where can we let go our heart?
If it’s not for the feeling

the one that much like a wind,
make us comfort
feel the tenderness..

the one that can also be a storm
destroy anything
in front of it…

Where can we let go our heart?
If it’s not for…

(to be continued….)

My 5 Day, 4 surprise…

Assalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb..

It was March 5th. Yesterday. It was my birthday.

I started the day with not a good start,,, buat finally got many things…

I got 4 surprise:

1. I put my bag in a room, then left it. When I came back, and open it, suddenly I found a gift! “Catatan dari Balik Dapur si Tukang Masak” (Notes behind the Chef’s Kitchen). It’s a book, given by T’Desi, one of ex Gamais Corporation best member. There was a note. It says, “..Congratulation for winning cooking competition…” Hohoho.. It was, team, teh.. Not only me. Besides I’m not good at all at cook.

2. When I face my laptop alone, still in that room, one of my friend, Agung, came and says, “Raf, did u see Rizky?”… “No.. Why?”…. “Nothing…”…..  Hah??? but then, “Hey, have you ever read this book?” TIPPING POINT by Malcolm Gladwell. “No…” I remember when I was at bookstore, I planned to buy that book, but haven’t bought it yet. “For you. Happy Milad, ya…” WOW!!!

3. When I came out, I met Nad, who usually wear jeans, suddenly wear skirt! Wow! It’s another surprise!

4. When I standby on the National Seminar Generation Enterpreuneur stand, suddenly Head of Gamais ITBAdjie called me and said : “Give me a paper in that room, on a wardrobe.” I thought of a surprise. I thought thay plan somethin by gathering on that room. OK…. Let’s see…. But when I came into that room, there are nothing. Ckckck, I guess I wrong. But when I opened the wardrobe, I found a paper! Some of Gamais’ member wrote many things bout my birthday… And also there was a gift…. Great!…………………….. It haven’t finished yet. When I came back to stand, they were there!!! Standing with a atraight face and plan somethin! Cake, with chili! Hohoho… Another surprise!

Whatever it takes…. Allah plan something beautiful on March 5th… After that, I have to think about what will I do next…..
Means the time of my life only a few times left.. I don’t know when….

Change and make change…..



Today, I missed my course. I didn’t attend it. I lost 2 sks on Instrumentation Course, I lost 1 sks on Embedded System…. Poor!

Why? Hm… I have reasons…

1. I have homeworks… MANY HOMEWORKS! I don’t have enough time to finish it if I took the course….

2. If I attended it, well, nothing change. I will still probably know nothing bout the courses.

3. Lazy? Yeah…

4. I need to standby on the stand (Nasional Seminar of Generation Enterpreneur)….

5. Emmmm…. Nothing else.. ^_^

But when I realize…. All of them were just REASONS.
Reasons that makes me far faraway from the productive of me.
For sure,
The homework is not finished yet.
And nothing change no matter I tried to read book by myself…
Actually there are still people who can standby on the stand…

It’s not a good ‘today’…..