Insomnia, and Secrets Behind It



There are Happy and Andi, two of Karafuru Friend, don’t sleep on early night because of insomnia. It’s a disease that makes people can’t sleep well until late.

If you’re also got Insomnia and wanna sleep early, don’t worry, Karafuru San solved the problem! ^_^ (actually not all, cause some of them are by Karafuru San’s friend, Sandy). Here are tips you can try before you wanna sleep…

  • ‘Minimalizing’ caffeine, such as tea or coffee

Tea or coffee effect can only make sense if we consume it 5 hours before sleep (for minimum).

  • Doing some supporting ritual

Listening song (or tilawah ~ Al-Quran’s verse, if you’re moslem) or Making your bed matters can make your body feel more comfortable.

  • Avoiding keep an eye contact with the watch

Sometimes, this ritual make more pressure to yourself. Calm down… Just see my photo… (Kidding… It just make you can’t sleep either… ^_^)

  • And… Trying to sleep in the same time for 2 weeks…

This is work! If you wanna try to sleep early, try to do it at least for 2 weeks! Why? Your alarm body will continue it after you set this pola… Insya Allah…

Ok! That’s all for today… Have a good night… And have a nice dream… Don’t forget to dream about me and Karafuru World… The Place Where Karafuru San Share Somewords… ^_^


One response to “Insomnia, and Secrets Behind It

  1. oh my Gochh..

    karafuru san pliz
    come back to the world
    just kidding..
    i’m not insomnia..
    just wanna to make my time productive..

    for ur information
    i have make some blog although there’s no content on them now,
    there are : (it has content no new thing)

    >> I come back!! (again!)
    I really don’t understand of myself… ^_^
    Ah, if U spend your time all night long (no matter productive or not), it’s called insomnia!! ^_^

    What’s the link for?
    Do you invite me to fill it?

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