Our belief needs parameter


Everything in this world need parameter. It’s used to make us know how it’s work (or not). The most important thing is our belief. Yup, sometimes it’s on the top, but sometimes it’s far, faraway on the bottom of its quality…
Maybe you can try this one…

  • How often we remember Him
  • How often we pray
  • How often we do something good
  • How good we make relationship with others

For moslems, there are another parameters, such as

  • What kind of words we say
  • What kind of conversation we hear
  • What kind of things we see

If all those parameters above done well, there’s no other way but we probably on a top of our belief quality… ^_^


One response to “Our belief needs parameter

  1. OMG, be’coZ that parameter, i’m shame!, i seldom remember HIM even I often make something bad, yeah like u know ! help me to improve my life, bro

    >>And so do I… I’m not better than You, Kang Andi… But I would like to help… ^_^

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