Angry, Tigers start to make rules in Sumatera


Nowadays, tiger’s attack has been increasing rapidly on Sumatera. Karafuru San got the number of its attack on 2009. There are numbers of people who died after being attacked, and there are also more numbers who injured.

Wanna know the data on 2009 until April? Check this out…

  • In Jambi, 6 people died, 12 others injured.
  • In North Sumatera, 6 people died, 2 others injured.
  • In Bengkulu, 1 people died, 2 others injured.
  • In Aceh, 1 people injured.
  • In South Sumatera, 1 people died.
  • In West Sumatera, 2 people died, 1 other injured.
  • In Lampung, 3 people died.

Are the tigers go wrong? Not at all. Those are all happened because the forest’s wide has decreased more and more. Whereas (for tigers) forest is a place for live, spending their childhood, playing some tiger’s game (of course the game’s different from ours… ^_^), and yet looking for some food.

Since the forest changed, tigers felt uncomfortable. The most important thing is they hard to find food. The only one they can do is ‘just’ reaching human’s habitation (village) to ask for it. If they feel frustrate, they’ll start to attack someone they meet.

Remember… Today, the tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)’s population is no more than 400! If tigers continue their attacking, probably human will have self defense by killing them!! If it’s so, we will lost one of our protected animals (again, beside tigris bali, and tigris javae)!

So, Karafuru friends, let’s prevent it by keeping our forest ‘green’, by not letting it burned, and by prevent it from illegal logging.


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