What’s Wrong With Me?


(Written by Karafuru San Araf Pratamanaim)

I don’t know… Sometimes I could never think of who I am. I always feel that I become a person in a time, but then become another person in another time…

I have a spirit to write down all I can write in a time, but then lost it and make my own blog null.

I have a power to continue my “Semerbak Kesturi yang Terinjak”, but then lost it and make people who love that novel disappointed.

God… What’s wrong with me?

In a time I told my mentee to cover their heart from VMJ. But then I realize that I couldn’t even handle my own heart from the same thing…

I do tell people about doing good activities and avoid the bad one. But then I know, I’m the one who usually do a bad thing and seldom do a good one…

God… What’s wrong with me?

I realize that I have two eyes to see beautiful and colorful world. I always remember my friendmate to use it by seeing positive things. But in the end, I’m the one who always use it to see something that I shouldn’t have to see…

I do realize that I really need Your love… Really, really much… And for that, I should have sure that I give my love to You…

But then I feel… I love another one much, much, and much better then loving You…

God… What’s wrong with me?


Insomnia, and Secrets Behind It



There are Happy and Andi, two of Karafuru Friend, don’t sleep on early night because of insomnia. It’s a disease that makes people can’t sleep well until late.

If you’re also got Insomnia and wanna sleep early, don’t worry, Karafuru San solved the problem! ^_^ (actually not all, cause some of them are by Karafuru San’s friend, Sandy). Here are tips you can try before you wanna sleep…

  • ‘Minimalizing’ caffeine, such as tea or coffee

Tea or coffee effect can only make sense if we consume it 5 hours before sleep (for minimum).

  • Doing some supporting ritual

Listening song (or tilawah ~ Al-Quran’s verse, if you’re moslem) or Making your bed matters can make your body feel more comfortable.

  • Avoiding keep an eye contact with the watch

Sometimes, this ritual make more pressure to yourself. Calm down… Just see my photo… (Kidding… It just make you can’t sleep either… ^_^)

  • And… Trying to sleep in the same time for 2 weeks…

This is work! If you wanna try to sleep early, try to do it at least for 2 weeks! Why? Your alarm body will continue it after you set this pola… Insya Allah…

Ok! That’s all for today… Have a good night… And have a nice dream… Don’t forget to dream about me and Karafuru World… The Place Where Karafuru San Share Somewords… ^_^

Our belief needs parameter


Everything in this world need parameter. It’s used to make us know how it’s work (or not). The most important thing is our belief. Yup, sometimes it’s on the top, but sometimes it’s far, faraway on the bottom of its quality…
Maybe you can try this one…

  • How often we remember Him
  • How often we pray
  • How often we do something good
  • How good we make relationship with others

For moslems, there are another parameters, such as

  • What kind of words we say
  • What kind of conversation we hear
  • What kind of things we see

If all those parameters above done well, there’s no other way but we probably on a top of our belief quality… ^_^

There’s Meaning…

We’re not bird, life for flying with its wings and then die?
We’re not goat, life for “baa” with its voice and then die?
We’re not fish, life for breathing with its gill and then die?
We’re not cheetah, life for running with its feet and then die?
Then why…
We’re human, life for our sins and then die?

Angry, Tigers start to make rules in Sumatera


Nowadays, tiger’s attack has been increasing rapidly on Sumatera. Karafuru San got the number of its attack on 2009. There are numbers of people who died after being attacked, and there are also more numbers who injured.

Wanna know the data on 2009 until April? Check this out…

  • In Jambi, 6 people died, 12 others injured.
  • In North Sumatera, 6 people died, 2 others injured.
  • In Bengkulu, 1 people died, 2 others injured.
  • In Aceh, 1 people injured.
  • In South Sumatera, 1 people died.
  • In West Sumatera, 2 people died, 1 other injured.
  • In Lampung, 3 people died.

Are the tigers go wrong? Not at all. Those are all happened because the forest’s wide has decreased more and more. Whereas (for tigers) forest is a place for live, spending their childhood, playing some tiger’s game (of course the game’s different from ours… ^_^), and yet looking for some food.

Since the forest changed, tigers felt uncomfortable. The most important thing is they hard to find food. The only one they can do is ‘just’ reaching human’s habitation (village) to ask for it. If they feel frustrate, they’ll start to attack someone they meet.

Remember… Today, the tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)’s population is no more than 400! If tigers continue their attacking, probably human will have self defense by killing them!! If it’s so, we will lost one of our protected animals (again, beside tigris bali, and tigris javae)!

So, Karafuru friends, let’s prevent it by keeping our forest ‘green’, by not letting it burned, and by prevent it from illegal logging.