Karafuru Was Just Born


Alhamdulillah… Finally we have a new friend in Karafuru World!

She was just born when I woke up at 3 (actually because I forgot to shut down the computer… Sssst! Don’t tell anyone, especially to her) on 12-02-09 in another part of KarafuruWorld, KarafuruDragon. This is the part where Dragon can live. And actually, of course, you are absolutely able to adopt a dragon egg there!!! (Why don’t you try? Experiences are there, waiting for you!!)

About her name (why ‘her’? Cause my dragon baby is female), I called her Karafuru, the same name as you, guys, call me Karafuru… Why? Mm… Just wanna make her to have a colorful soul…

Let hope the best for her…


2 responses to “Karafuru Was Just Born

  1. Assalamu’alaikum

    Kaya tamagochi aja…
    Dikasi makan pake “klik”

    (bahkan hewan peliharaan pun digital)


    >>’Alaykum salam… Iya, nih… Tapi ternyata menarik juga, lho!

  2. Assalamu’alaikum
    ehmm, there is a new baby here
    a dragon baby, karafurudragon her’s name.
    congratulation for a new friend, guy!!!
    yup, I also hope the best for her
    thank you………

    (btw, this baby is real or not? he..he…)

    >> Thanks!!!

    (Mm… Actually…. NOT! Hehehe… I have to wait at least a couple years to have a real one…. ^_^! )

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