Can I Catch It?

Assalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb.


Can I Catch It?

I walk around under the sun
Hear the hummingbird with it’s sound
I stop and start to seek the light
But it’s just the sun’s
Too hot, too shine…
I can’t see it, I can’t reach it…
All I can feel is just a sun shine so bad
I just wanna seek the light…
Nothing, nothing but the light…
Can I Catch it?


Wassalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb.

One response to “Can I Catch It?

  1. there is always a way to get something you want.
    with a little effort and believing,
    you can catch it. Insyaallah…..
    Keep spirit and good luck!!!

    Hope Allah will apreciate our effort with miracles in this life…

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